About Me

My name is Mike, and I live in Norfolk, Virginia. I have two (now adult) children, and a wife with whom I maintain a one-acre crisis garden. We proudly grow only heirloom, non-GMO fruits and vegetables. In my free time, I enjoy writing crime novels. You can read more of my articles about organic gardening, seed saving, heirloom plants, survival techniques, and crisis gardening at Helium.com and Ezine.com.

My real passion is survival gardening. I encourage everyone to start his or her own crisis garden by purchasing a Survival Seed Bank. More valuable than silver or gold in a real meltdown, the Survival Seed Bank produces thousands of pounds of nutrient-dense food for pennies per pound… enough to feed friends and family forever! I want to make SURE you understand how much you’re getting here. If you purchased these same seeds “retail” you could very well pay over $600, if you can even find them. That makes the Survival Seed Bank package a ridiculous bargain. For just $149.00 plus 15.00 shipping and handling (total $164.00), you get enough seeds to plant a full acre survival garden! And… you’ll have confidence knowing that you and your family will be able to eat if the Insiders trigger some huge meltdown. You’ll have the best germinating seeds available. Don’t wait another second — call or order online right now, while you’re thinking about it: http://www.survivalseedbank.com


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