What is a Prepper?


No, not a “pepper,” as in a delicious veggie that you may be growing in your garden right now. A “prepper.” Have you heard this term before? A prepper is someone who prepares in advance for catastrophic events such as natural disasters, or social chaos as the result of economic collapse. So if have started a crisis garden, (as I have been urging you to for months now) you are a prepper. Little did you know you had this catchy little nickname.

Two decades ago, preppers were thought to be extremists- those who were militia members stockpiling guns and ammo in their basement crawl-spaces. This is no longer the case. Fortunately, the general social attitude towards preparation for crisis has really drastically changed in the last few years. People from all walks of life are embracing survivalism and crisis preparedness. This comes as a tremendous relief to me, as I firmly believe that a self sustaining way of life  is integral to survival. The more people who realize and embrace this, the better.

Being a prepper is not about cutting yourself off from the “real world” and becoming a food-hoarding recluse. (People who perpetuate this stereo-type are unrealistic and foolish.) Being a prepper means that you have the ability to grow and preserve your own food. It also means that you have the ability to use herbs and natural remedies, rather than drugs, to treat illnesses. Preppers take the time to learn and teach important skills such as self defense, hunting, gardening, and how to locate fresh water. Preppers are those who strive towards self sufficiency, energy efficiency, and conservation.

If “prepping” still sounds like something you can’t get on board with, think of it this way: Being a prepper simply means that you believe it is better to be safe than sorry. Prepping allows you to take personal responsibility and control in the face of terrorist threats, war with two different nations, global warming, and natural disasters. Realistically, by growing your own food and medicine, you are taking no harmful risks. All you are doing is increasing your level of preparedness for crisis.

If you are not yet a prepper, I implore you to start today with living this more self sufficient way of life. Not sure where to start? Begin with baby steps, such as purchasing your Survival Seed Bank and Survival Herb Bank. Each month, set a new goal for yourself, such as learning how to can your own peas, or build a fire without matches. Take it one step at a time. You will have an impressive prepper resume before you know it, and have the confidence and security of knowing that you can provide for yourself and your family in the face of crisis. To me, there is no greater peace of mind than this.

Need a little boost to get started? Check out some online resources, of which you will find plenty. Try Pioneer Living or this Surburban Prepper blog. I regularly follow along with news from the Virginia Preppers Network. A quick internet search will allow you to locate a prepper network in your own home state. There is a whole online community that is ready to support you and your efforts.


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