How Can I Start a Crisis Garden If I’m Not a Land Owner?

By this time, hopefully you realize the importance of maintaining and harvesting your own crisis garden. It is the only way to insure that you and your family will have a self-sustaining source of food when the impending food crisis occurs. Literally, it could save your family’s life.

In May we discussed how even urban dwellers can create a spot for a crisis garden by using a rooftop space. But what if you don’t even have a  rooftop? What if you don’t have even a small patch of land on which to grow? If this is your reality, then you are a good candidate for pirate gardening.

What exactly is pirate gardening? Well it is basically just planting a crisis garden on a plot of land that is not your own. You can accomplish this by using state owned land, or with the permission of a farmer who owns the land. “Aware Patriot” does a nice job of explaining the concept and basics of pirate gardening in this YouTube video:

Here are some basic tips for beginning your own pirate garden:

(1) Plant edibles that require very little maintenance. Your goal is to plant the edible, water it only once, then leave it and return only for the harvest.

(2) Once you have planted your edible, cover it with a good deal of leaves, grass clippings, and other compost. This will help to protect it from animals and hold moisture in.

(3) Plant several edibles throughout a large area, rather than one large pirate garden. The point is for your edibles to be largely undetectable. If you have trouble remembering where you planted things, use a GPS tracking system to record their points.

(4) Do not expect all of your edibles to survive and produce food for you. About a 30% survival rate can be expected. To increase your chances of success, plant edibles that are native to your area.

(5) Plant “underground” crops such as potatoes, beets, onions, and radishes. From the top, these pretty much just look like weeds, allowing them to remain quite inconspicuous.


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